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Author: Serbay Arda Ayzit

Top 4 Best In-Ear Wireless Earphones

For those that prefer to have an lightweight build and an isolated sound, in-ear wireless earphones provide the best experience. Wireless earphones tend to have a cord cinch that rests on the back of your neck, and connect via Bluetooth technology. These types of headphones are perfect if you need to move around a lot without losing audio quality or performance. Runners, business professionals, gamers, these headphones are for you. In this post, we’ll run down four of our favorite in-ear wireless earphones in 2017. Some have been chosen for their build, others for their audio quality, and others...

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The Highest Reviewed Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon in 2017

If you’re like most people, you like to do a little research before buying new headphones. That usually means watching a few videos, hopping on a discussion board or forum, and reading a couple reviews. We’ve compiled a list of the highest rated wireless headphones on Amazon US so you don’t have to filter through thousands of different options. We describe what they are, and what reviewers are saying about them. The 5 Highest Rated Wireless Headphones on Amazon US Hicober Bluetooth Headphones Y2 Wireless 4.1 In-Ear Earbuds Hicober’s wireless neck buds are designed for the sports enthusiast. They...

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The Best Beats Wireless Headphones You Can Buy

Beats by Dre – Best Beats Wireless Headphones  If you take a walk outside these days, there’s a very good chance you will see some Beats by Dre headphones hanging on someones neck or some people enjoying music in the streets or on the walk with headphones that has the famous and familiar “b” logo . The brand has become so popular, that the red “b” logo on each of their headphones has become iconic worldwide. Anyone planning to buy a wireless headphone think of this brand first. That raises the question what are the Best Beats Wireless Headphones you can...

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How Do Wireless Headphones Work

The Age of Wireless Headphones Before jumping into the thought of How Wireless Headphones Work, let me tell you wireless headphones are the new norm. We’ve become so used to seeing wireless headphones that we’ve taken for granted all the science and engineering that goes on inside the devices. Have you ever wondered: how do wireless headphones even work? How can we hear audio transmitted through the air? In this post, we will break down the technology and terminology in a way that is easy to understand. Let’s begin. How Wireless Headphones Work Type of Wireless Headphone First things...

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Best Wireless Headphones Under a $100 Budget

The Best Budget Wireless Headphones Not everyone has the budget to spend a lot on headphones, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on quality cans. There are plenty of headphones that produce great sound, don’t break easily and, most importantly, don’t break the bank. These headphones are typically obscured by bigger brand headphones that invest more heavily in marketing than developing or improving the actual headphones. In this post, we’ll cover some options for some of the best wireless headphones while staying under $100. Key Points to Consider Audio Quality – Audio quality always comes first....

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