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Author: Fadiyah Sameh

Top 10 Wireless Headphones in 2018

2018 brings with it some of the best wireless headphones in the market. Here are top 10 wireless headphones from this year that are worth every penny you spend. Bose SoundLink around-ear Wireless Headphones One of the best and number one in our best wireless headphones list, Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones weighs only 200 grams, is lightweight and has plush, memory-foam equipped earpads. The remote control buttons are located on the right earcup and equipped this model with a two-way microphone system. The sound is clean and well balanced with ample bass. Bose has done a good job with this sleek...

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Best Of Klipsch Wireless Headphones

Last week, when I got along with my friend, we went on to discuss about sound quality and audio delivery in wireless headphones. The reason was – has had gotten himself a brand new headphone from Klipsch and could not stop raving about it. An audiophile by nature, he is a big fan of clear sound and bass; with his on-going comments, I was tempted to try his Klipsch Wireless Headphones and was surprised that what my friend babble happened to be true. The sound was indeed brilliant and I was fascinated by the brand. Naturally, I had my...

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5 of the best JLab wireless headphones

Today, I bring you an impressive list of JLab wireless headphones for some superb sounding music. Do try it and experience good audio experience. JLab Audio JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Wireless Folding Headphones Audio JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Folding JLab wireless headphones are for growing kids from ages 6 to 16. They have built-in volume regulators to prevent loud playback and is limited to 85dB to help protect the hearing of the child. These headphones are very comfortable and come with Eco Leather Faux Leather™ Cushions and a padded headband for long listening comfort. The circular ear cups rotate 80 degrees...

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How to select the right wireless headphones for you should buy?

Planning to buy a new pair of headphones ! Which one do you like to be your next music companion? Often such question pops up in our minds when we are looking for a new headphone or even during the replacement of an older model. Can’t blame the selection process as one can get confused as there are a number of brands with advanced features in the market. To help you ease the process, today I am giving here below a few areas that you need to concentrate while buying a wireless headphone. So shall we begin? Budget Let’s...

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Best RF Wireless Headphones

When you want high-def sound while playing your favorite games or watching HD movies on TV, it is better to have a good RF wireless headphones as your companion. You can enjoy what you like without wires and more around in the house but at the same time, you will not disturb the ambiance of the house with loud noise. Today I have picked some reliable RF wireless headphones that are best in quality and have a good life. Do check them out below Artiste Digital Stereo Headsets with 2.4GHz RF Transmitter Artiste happens to be a well know...

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